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The Content of this page is [loosely] drawn from ''Finding a Chartered Architectural Technologist & the Services they can Provide'' [Published by CIAT, undated]


We provide Architectural Design Services and Solutions. We are specialists in the Science of Architecture, Building Design & Construction and form the link between concept & construction.


We negotiate the construction project & manage the process from conception through to completion.



Project preparation & feasibility studies:


Initial client meetings & discussion of the design brief, budget and timescale. We can support the development of a brief to define the requirements of the works.


Advise on the need for independent consultants


Guidance on the possible & relevant types of contract & tender


Evaluating & advising upon the environmental & statutory requirements affecting the project


We prepare tentative proposals for discussion and development


Holding preliminary discussions with authorities and consultants


Design stage Risk Assessment



Architectural Design, Management & Production:


Preparing and presenting design proposals using CAD and traditional methods


Researching problems and producing & advising upon innovative design solutions


Preparing final scheme drawings and details


Submissions under the Town & Country Planning Acts


Managing & coordinating the design team and associated professional consultants


Producing, analysing and advising upon specification, materials selection and detailed design solutions in relation to performance & production criteria


Producing, managing, controlling and integrating design & production information


Submission under the Building Acts, Regulations and other statutory requirements


Carrying out risk assessments to an evolving design


Production information, drawings, schedules & specifications suitable for tender purposes


Leading the detailed design process & coordinating the detailed design information



Contract Procedures:


Inviting building contractors, specialist sub-contractors & suppliers to submit formal tenders & quotations for the works


Considering offers received and reporting recommendations on same


Preparing Contract Documents as required and arranging for their execution


Instructing Contractors


Inspection of the works from time to time, to ensure Contractors are fulfilling their obligations under the contract


Administering the Contract


Certification of applications for interim payments. Only those works in accordance with the terms of the contract are certified for payment. The Employer's liability to VAT is NOT certified and Contractors are required to make separate applications for settlement of this tax.


Verification of and negotiating the final certification of payment under the contract



General services throughout the process:


Risk assessments


Management & coordination of other consultants appointed to the project


Provision of information to support an evolving cost plan



Post construction:


Provision of a set of 'as built' drawings, service & maintenance manual with drawings


De-brief of Employer [and end users], feed back into the knowledge base


Appraisal of building performance in use. Produce, develop & maintain planned preventitive maintenance management information systems


Evaluate & advise upon refurbishment, repair, re-use, re-cycling & deconstruction of buildings



Additional Professional Services:


Expert Witness                          


Health & Safety                       


Party Wall Surveyor                


Energy Efficiency Surveyor     


Access Auditor                          


Historic Buildings Advisor        


Home Inspector                         



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