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Terms of Engagement:

The extent of Services to be provided will be defined by our initial letter: 'Terms of Engagement'. This will also set out the basis of fee billing.


Variations to fixed price agreements:

Where additional works are clearly identified & we have received reassurance that payment will be forthcoming, these will be charged at our basic rate for simple works of £45.00/hour* with a 5% flat rate for normal disbursements [to which VAT must be added].


Quantum Meruit:

Where works are being progressed on an hourly basis, these can be halted or extended at the whim of our Employer. The charge is a function of exposure to risk, equipment employed and the level of skill required. It is often less than the rate above.


Disbursements & VAT:

A flat rate for expenses is added at the rate of 5%.

This covers the cost of maintaining a contemporaneous desktop A3 reference set and a log of e-mail correspondence. This also helps to underwrite the cost of maintaining and replacing our various printers. We will generally stand the cost of hard copy drawings issued to Planners & Building Inspectors. The issue of a single set of drawings on paper to a Main Contractor is included. Postage is included. The cost of telephone calls is included. Making a photographic record of the site during visits is included. Travel is included. [Where any of the foregoing activities is considered 'extraordinary', appropriate charges will pertain, for example: the use of 'next day' or 'recorded' delivery.]

The purchase of project related services or information is not included in the charge [for example: digital mapping].

Studio C is no longer VAT registered.


Financial review:

Hourly rates are reviewed on the 1st March. Our overheads are affected by matters that go beyond the 'Cost of Living' and the RPI. Past experience shows that the activities of the Government & others can adversely affect the ability of Studio C to survive - the right to implement further reviews is thus reserved.



It should be considered that anything not specifically included is deemed to be excluded.



As of December 2019, no Professional Indemnity cover is in place. This will influence the projects I undertake.


Assignment of Copyright:

All rights are assigned to our Employers upon full settlement of all invoices. Reserved are the Rights to use Illustrations & Drawings for the portfolio purposes.



Our Employers are accorded all the privileges to which they are entitled in our Professional relationship.


Code of Conduct:

I terminated all Professional associations in March, 2019.



Regardless of the basis of agreement, invoices will be presented monthly, for prompt settlement.

Additional costs will be charged where statements of overdue amounts are required, especially those containing interest calculations have to be raised. [These have to be created manually and the appropriate hourly rate will apply.]


Invoice footer:

Please ensure cheques are made payable: ĎCalum Hunterí



We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms. Payments can be made by cheque to the above address.


Settlement of this invoice should be made within 28 days of the invoice date, no statement will be issued. After the expiration of 28 days, interest will be charged at 8% above the Bank of Englandís published base rate.

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